Greater Manchester girl 7-year-old Robyn is running 5k a day everyday

8 Mar 2021 12:05
Published by: Scott Callan

Robyn has decided that she wants to help raise some money so together we have come up with a plan to either walk or run 5k every day in March and she's off to a good start! Each evening after school Robyn gets her gym clothes on and heads out on her walk, shes been so happy to be joined by members of the family each evening.

Robyn's God Father (Antony Lynch aka Uncle Lynchy) had a bleed on the brain caused by a brain tumour that he wasn't aware he had back in December 2018. Since then he has been nothing but a fighter. His stroke left him with no feeling down one side so while fighting cancer and even a dose of the lovely Covid, he has been learning to do every day tasks that we all take for granted such as walking.

He has been having hydrotherapy sessions in a special brain injury gym which have helped him massively. He is now up and about with his stick and doing fantastic. He is nothing short of AMAZING and such an inspirational role model for Robyn. We are always looking for ways to fund raise as the therapy he is having is not cheap and with Lynchy not being able to work for the past two years, fund raising is helping to fund these sessions.


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