Planning application for 20m high mobile phone mast on Chorley New Road

30 Apr 2020 09:12
Published by: Scott Callan

A planning application has been submitted to erect a 20 metre high replacement mobile phone mast on Chorley New Road in Horwich, in the vicinity of the Texaco garage.

There is presently a phone mast at the location however the proposed replacement would be an upgrade.

When the existing phone mast was erected in 2019, it drew criticism from local residents because of its position immediately in front of residential properties.

Cllr. Richard Silvester who represents Horwich North East Ward in which the application site is located has objected to the plans.

He said, ‘the present phone mast is visually intrusive for local residents and if the proposed replacement were to be erected, with even more equipment on the new one, it would be even worse. I believe these things need to be located away from residential properties, instead of being sited right in front of them. There needs to be much more thinking about these issues because mobile phone companies seem to have a carte blanche right to put them wherever they want to’.

The proposals would also involve a number of equipment cabinets being located on a green area of adjacent land.

Cllr. Silvester continued, ‘when the present phone mast was installed, a number of people contacted me who were appalled because of its height, as the mast towers well above the street lights. The equipment cabinets which are proposed also contribute to street clutter so I have objected. I just think the company should look for an alternative location and they don’t seem to have provided any evidence to the planning department that this was done’.

All of the documents for the planning application can be found on Bolton Council’s planning website. The application has a reference number of 08088/20.

Cllr. Silvester is urging residents to submit comments objecting to the planning application by e-mailing, or by writing to, The Planning Department, Bolton Town Hall, Bolton. BL1 1RU.

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