23 Feb 2021 10:51
Published by: Scott Callan

Bolton-based marketing and design agency, Portfolio, has beaten four rival agencies to win a contract with Syntec, a London-based provider of global contact centre management solutions.


Headed by Portfolio creative director, Darren Clare, the pitch landed the deal to rebrand the online and offline offer for Syntec’s patented CardEasy™ system, including new designs for the logo and brand collateral as well as designing a new website for Syntec’s in-house developers to build from.


CardEasy™ protects contact centres from the risk and cost associated with handling card payments. It does this by preventing payment card data from entering the contact centre environment in the first place. Using CardEasy, contact centre agents can simply ask the paying customer to provide their payment card data using their telephone keypad or their voice, or through the use of CardEasy secure payment links for Email, Webchat, SMS and Social Media.


CardEasy captures the payment card data rather than the agent, but the agent is still in communication with the customer and quite importantly, remains in control of the process. CardEasy significantly reduces the cost and burden of maintaining PCI DSS compliance, whilst improving customer trust, call handling times and lost transaction rates.


Based at St George's Square, Portfolio was founded in 1995 by Darren Clare, the agency takes on a variety of projects, from simple graphics to immersive brand experiences.  Working with the likes of Timberland, New Era and the NHS to name a few, the agency offers branding, design, website, photography, video and social media services.


Says Portfolio founder and Creative Director, Darren Clare: “The feedback we received from Syntec was great.  They were very impressed with our creativity and the fact we’d managed to produce so much in such a short time, and who doesn’t like hearing things like ‘you were head and shoulders above the other agencies’.  It’s an exciting project! The CardEasy solution has won numerous awards and has a huge global reputation.”


Says Syntec Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Danny Cresswell: “Portfolio really impressed us with their vision and understanding of what was required.  We’re excited to launch the rebrand and new website as well as establishing what we hope will be a long-term partnership with Portfolio.”

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