Bolton opens UK’s second pioneering junction

18 Jan 2021 09:57
Published by: Scott Callan


The UK’s second innovative CYCLOPS (Cycle Optimised Protected Signals) road junction has opened at the corner of Newport Street and Trinity Street in Bolton.

It is part of a wider £7.6million scheme designed to deliver a more integrated network in Bolton town centre.

The first junction was opened in Manchester. The CYCLOPS design separates people travelling on foot and by bike from motor traffic, reducing the possibility of collisions or conflict.

Transport chiefs say people on foot can also get where they need to be in fewer stages and with more space to wait than most junctions.

Other similar junctions are planned across Greater Manchester, including Angouleme Way and Market Street in Bury. Work is underway and the junction is set to be delivered in the summer.

Greater Manchester’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Chris Boardman, said: “The CYCLOPS design is going to fundamentally change the way we do junctions.

“The experience for people travelling on foot and by bike is so vastly improved.

“Junctions are traditionally the most intimidating place for people not travelling in a car but this design turns that on its head, making once-scary local trips now an absolute joy.

“I’m so proud of the fact that this is Greater Manchester-designed and that we have built the very first ones here too. It’s massively exciting to hear about the buzz across the globe.” 

Since the launch of the first CYCLOPS junction at Manchester’s Royce Road in Summer 2020, the junction has seen over 36,000 journeys take place by people on bikes.


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