Local grandfather’s sight saved thanks to urgent care from Specsavers

22 Jun 2020 10:27
Published by: Scott Callan

A BEDBOUND grandfather from Harwood, Bolton, has had his sight saved from his bedroom during lockdown, thanks to the Specsavers Home Visits team in Bolton.

After suffering a recent stroke last year, Robert Hackin, 85, who is a father to three and grandfather to four, has been bedbound for some time, yet during lockdown began to notice his eyesight was deteriorating quickly.

Robert was struggling to read, watch television or see his family through his bedroom window when they came to visit, which had a serious effect on his mental wellbeing and quality of life.

Concerned, his son Peter rang the Specsavers Home Visits team, and optometrist Zetun Arif immediately went out to visit, wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE).

‘After examining Robert from his bed, I discovered he was suffering badly from cataracts in both eyes. And while surgery at the moment isn't possible, new glasses could definitely improve his quality of life'.

After his initial tests, Zetun returned a week later, again in full PPE, to fit Robert's new glasses at his bedside.

Robert said: ‘My eyesight has been causing me real problems during lockdown, but I thought that as I'm confined to my bed, I wouldn't be able to be helped. It's all down to Zetun and the Specsavers Home Visits team going above and beyond for me, which means I can now read again and, most importantly, see my family's faces when they come and visit me.

‘Thanks to Zetun's quick action and to Specsavers for providing me with new glasses, I can now see again, and for that I'm very grateful.'

Zetun concluded: ‘We want local people to know that, despite the current pandemic, they shouldn't ignore any worrying health symptoms and should not delay getting help as we're open for essential and urgent care. If you are experiencing any optical issues, please don't hesitate to call the Home Visits team, as we are all on hand to help.'

Even during the pandemic, the Specsavers Home Visits, team can still provide essential eye tests for those that are classed as vulnerable or have mobility issues and are therefore unable to come into the store. They team wear full PPE and follow government guidelines to protect the safety of their customers.

If you, or someone you know, requires a home visit, please call: 0800 198 1135.

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