Road trip to Gibraltar for fallen war heroes

18 Mar 2020 10:42
Published by: Daniel Almond

THREE intrepid explorers are to set out on a green adventure to pay their respects to Britain’s fallen heroes.

Police inspector Jim Jones, Det Con Martin Walsh, and ex-serviceman Col Andy Reid, are preparing to take on a mammoth 3,400-mile transcontinental trip to the southern edge of Europe and back.

The team will embark from the Greater Manchester Police headquarters on November 5 and drive non-stop to the Royal Gibraltar Police headquarters, which they expect to arrive two days later.

On November 8 they will then attend a special Remembrance Sunday event in ceremonial uniform and lay wreaths in memory of all service personnel who have died while serving their country.

Insp Jones said: “Whilst visiting Gibraltar earlier this year I had a brainwave, or senior moment depending on your view, and realised how I could combine all three of my passions, but I wouldn’t be able to do it alone.

“The idea of driving an electric vehicle non-stop from Manchester to Gibraltar was born.”

Insp Jones met DC Walsh — who is also a serving reservist and sergeant in 6 Military Intelligence Battalion — while they were on the beat in Trafford, and the pair have been friends for 20 years.

He then became firm friends with Col Reid when inspector at Bury police station, after meeting him at Leon House servicemen’s clinic in Prestwich.

Col Reid lost both his legs and his right arm after stepping on an IED whilst serving in the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment in Afghanistan in 2009.

He astounded people with his recovery, spending just two weeks in hospital before returning home, and is now an ambassador for Leon House.

To ensure that the trio get there on time while causing the least amount of damage to the environment, they will be putting their trust in an MG electric car.

They will also be fundraising for the Walking With the Wounded charity which supports ex-servicemen and women struggling mentally or physically to transition to civilian life.

Insp Jones said: Our service personnel have and still fight to allow us to live in a free world.

“Climate Change is a very different and significant threat to the world and we all have a duty to do our bit to protect the planet our service they have given their lives for.

"Switching to zero emission vehicles is one way we can all achieve that.”

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