Tru Way back on the road

16 Jul 2014 01:52
Published by: Dave Fletcher

By Lloyd Hilldrup TRU WAY School of Motoring was established by Brian Hilldrup (my Dad), in 1965. He successfully ran the business for almost 50 years (thought to be the longest in the country), until his death from cancer in 2012. It is thought that in that time, he taught almost 4000 people to drive. To say he was patient and understanding, is an understatement and he always treated his pupils with utmost courtesy and respect. This no doubt helped account for the massive success he had. He not only taught his pupils to drive, but also became lifelong friends with many of them. In 2012, I also was diagnosed with cancer, however, mine was treatable and I am overjoyed to say that I am currently cancer-free and looking forward to a bright future. My illness did, however, mean that I needed 12 months off work to recover. This gave me a lot of time to think. I had worked for 30 years, very successfully as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, the past eight years being a director of a multimillion-pound organisation. It would have been very easy for me to go back into the industry and pick up where I left off. Despite this, I decided I wanted a new challenge. I wanted to do something I would enjoy and get the satisfaction of helping people. It seemed the perfect decision to continue the good work my Dad had done for all those years. So, with the fantastic help of my sister (Christine's School of motoring), I managed to fully qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and have bought a fantastic little Mini Cooper, which not only looks really smart but is ideal for learning in. Hence, TRU WAY School of motoring is back on the road! My promise to my Dad, is that I will provide the absolute best service possible and continue with the same values and commitment that served him well all those years. My Dad would be proud.

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