New bridge opens

19 Oct 2023 11:24
Published by: Scott Callan

Councillor Alan Quinn officially opens the new bridge (photo credit: Bury Council)

A NEW bridge for walkers and cyclists crossing the River Roch at Gigg Lane in Bury has been officially opened.
The 41-metre Roch Valley Greenway Crossing provides a much-needed link over the river following the earlier closure of an existing privately owned bridge that had fallen into disrepair. The bridge, near Redmere Drive, has been funded thanks to £1.1million from the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Challenge Fund.
It will also provide direct access to Pilsworth Industrial Estate, connect to the Roch Valley Greenway and will join up a network of active travel connections between Bury town centre and the residential areas of Fishpool and Gigg.
And the new structure also provides light vehicular access to the local fishery. It is part of the Bee Network, Greater Manchester’s vision for an integrated London-style transport system.

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