Tributes paid to departing Headmistress

8 Oct 2021 03:03
Published by: Scott Callan

TRIBUTES have been paid to Bolton School Girls' Division head Sue Hinks after it was announced she was leaving the role after a decade in charge.

During her time at the school, it received the TES' Independent School of the Year award and was granted the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. Sue was also Presidents of the Girls' School Association during 2019.

The tributes came from all quarters and included messages online through social media.

Amelia Doherty, class of 2020 and Ellie-May Doherty, class of 2022, wrote: "While we were at BSGD, we looked up to you as an inspirational, admirable and ambitious woman who embodies what makes a headmistress good, going above and beyond in your responsibilities and being an approachable member of staff.

"We both flourished at Bolton and are thankful for the opportunities we were offered when studying there; you undeniably played a role in our growth. Both of us can recall times where you supported our achievements outside of school, and we are very grateful for it."

Julia Head, Class of 1971 and former Girls' Division staff member, said: "Thank you Miss Hincks, you have been an amazing support network for all staff and students.

"I am sure that I can say this on behalf of everyone, you will be missed dearly, and your absence will certainly be felt. We hope you don't forget us and still remain in touch! Wishing you all the best!"

Ilona Smalley, another former staff member, added: "Sue Hincks provided leadership and support for the Junior Girls' School in a way that promoted the growth, aspiration and creativity of staff and children alike. Her fastidiousness and capacity for endeavour and hard work were beyond question with the capacity for good humour along the way."

Alice Phillips, of the Girls School Association, also paid tribute. She said: "As a fellow head in the Girls School Association I have huge respect and affection for Sue Hincks who served as our president and chair of the education committee.

"Her passion for education in its broadest sense, and for her students and staff was absolute. Her fellow heads will miss her as an inspiration to us all during her time at Bolton."

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