100 Year Old Accountancy Firm Rebrand and Launch New Website

7 Sep 2020 10:47
Published by: Scott Callan

Bolton based Chartered Accountants, Ryans, have undergone a full rebrand as well as having a brand new website developed.

Dissatisfied with their existing look, Ryans wanted a brand image that would more accurately represent their values, whilst still remaining familiar to their loyal customers.

Digital marketing agency, Statuo, were selected for the 12 month project, tasked with creating a recognisable, corporate appearance whilst also introducing some fun into the brand that would show exactly what Ryans are all about.

This meant the website needed to convey the clear, simple and friendly approach that Ryans use with their customers on a day-to-day basis, whilst also reflecting the professional and expert service they offer.

The concept for their new branding was centred around ‘Count on us to be clear'. The goal was to redefine accountancy from complex traditional talk to getting straight to the point, as Ryans understand that many of their customers don't understand much of the complicated accountancy jargon.

This strapline influenced the design of the new logo. The circles represent counters on an abacus, paying homage to the history of accountancy and maths, whilst still looking fresh and youthful.

Careful consideration went into the rebranding of the firm, as it is important to Ryans that their existing customers know that they are still the same team doing the same great work as before.

Since the rebranding and new website launched, it is clearer for users to see exactly what it is Ryans can do for their businesses. It is now far easier to navigate through the site and the helpful blog offers the latest information on the world of accounting and current affairs.

Ryans, formerly known as Edward Ryan & Co and was founded by Edward Ryan over 100 years ago, they significantly expanded in 1996 and again in 1997 and has once again taken a big step forward by rejuvenating their brand.


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