Forthcoming walks with Bolton CHA Rambling club

23 Sep 2019 09:49
Published by: Daniel Almond

Bolton C.H.A. Rambling club invite you to come and join them on Wednesdays and Saturdays;


Saturday 28th September


'B' - HOLLYMOUNT - Meet at Jumbles CP fBL2 4JS or 10.30 start.Slack Lane, Affetside, Two Brooks Valley, Hollymount Top 'o' Quarlton, Pallett, Turton

Bottoms.9 miles 'C' - TURTON GOLF COURSE - Meet at Turton Tower BL7 0HG for

10.30 start.Clough House, Wayoh Reservoir, Barlow Institute, Birches, Jumbles, Littermans Bridge, Turton Tower 7 miles.


Wednesday 2nd October

1) HEAPY - Meet at Rivington Hall Drive BL6 7SB for 10.30 start. Hallsworth Fold, Holland Fold, Tow Path, Knowley, Tootals Farm, High Bullough. 9 miles.

2) BOWSTONE HILL - Meet in Hough Fold Way near the health the back of Morrisons CP, Harwood BL2 3HQ for 10.30 start.

Brookfold Lane, Bowstone Hill, Stormer Hill, Two Brooks, Affetside, Cromptons, Bradshaw Bottoms. 8 miles.

3) FREDA'S WAY - Meet at Rivington Hall Drive BL6 7SB for 10.30 start.

Rivington Hall Barn, Freda's Way, High Bullough Reservoir, Dean Wood House, Anglezarke Embankment, The Street. 6 miles.

Try us out first by just turning up at the meeting points which are all listed on the website; and make yourself known to the walk leader.

If interested in joining our club, or for further information visit the website and use the 'contact us' link or telephone

01204 394649 or 07787 385055 or 07732 192129


Wednesday number '1' and '2' walks are approx. 8-9 miles but number '2'

walks are at a slower pace. Number '3' walks are approximately 6 miles, are easier and at a slower pace, slill. In some cases, post codes are nearest to start point.


Saturday 'A' walks are approximately 12 miles, 'B' are approximately 9 miles and 'C' are approximately 6 miles.

Elsewhere, on Facebook, check out Bolton CHA rambling club - The Page, for club announcements and Bolton CHA rambling club -The Group, for anyone to join in with their own contributions, such as pictures, lift sharing etc or general walking chit chat.

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