Radcliffe’s vision for brighter future

12 Aug 2019 09:14
Published by: Daniel Almond


BUSINESS owners, residents and community leaders have joined Bury Council in unveiling the latest plans to regenerate Radcliffe town centre.

Making the most of Radcliffe’s assets and delivering a future where the town achieves its ‘incredible’ potential is at the core of a new place-making project.

Radcliffe has been working with experts thinkingplace to consider how it should be portrayed to various groups, primarily those seeking to invest in the town.

And after four months, two workshops and dozens of interviews and conversations with Radcliffe people, the town’s new ‘place proposition’ has now been officially unveiled.

At the core of the work is how Radcliffe’s good housing, great transport links, fantastic outdoor spaces and Radcliffe’s biggest asset of all – its community – can be capitalised on.

Three key themes have been developed:

·         Animating Radcliffe’s hub and heart – bringing the buzz from Radcliffe Market out into Radcliffe Piazza and nearby streets with colour, greenness and events

·         A connected, creative community – making the most of great links with Bury, Bolton and Manchester, and creating a hive for creative people and start-ups

·         Making our water work – finding ways to open up access to Radcliffe’s wonderful waterways, adding beauty to the place and offering potential for Radcliffe to become a leisure destination.

A visual identity and a colour palette, plus a narrative and a suite of photography, has been created and will be made available for use by the community of Radcliffe.

The place-making project comes at a time when Radcliffe’s regeneration is moving forward at pace, with work beginning on the removal of shutters and repainting of Radcliffe Piazza’s bandstand, and new planting, benches and wayfinding signage in the town centre.

Led by Radcliffe Regeneration Task Group, the project also includes a shop-frontage scheme, events on Radcliffe Piazza and in empty shops to draw more people into the town, action on parking and improved CCTV coverage.

Jamie Walker is chair of Radcliffe Regeneration Task Group, which is made up of representatives from community groups, local businesses, local councillors and Bury Council.


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