Improving Bury's roads

13 Mar 2019 04:00
Published by: Dave Fletcher

Bury Council is to adopt a new Greater Manchester-wide Highway Safety Inspection Policy as part of a range of actions aimed at improving maintenance of Bury’s 660km roads network.

The move compliments the £20m of extra local investment to improve and maintain Bury’s highways and follows the introduction in October 2018 of a new national Code of Practice called “Well Managed Highway Infrastructure”.

In recognition of this change in the Code of Practice, all GM districts and TFGM have co-produced an over-arching Greater Manchester Highway Safety Inspection Framework. The new Code of Practice sets out Bury’s practice in terms of highway network hierarchy, investigatory levels, frequency of inspection and repair response times. This will ultimately lead to improved standards of highway maintenance.

Councillor Alan Quinn, Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “We’ve had a £40m shortfall in government funding for our roads since 2010, that’s why we’ve had to take advantage of low interest rates to borrow money to improve and maintain our highway network. This extra investment has seen over 11,000 potholes filled and 12km of road resurfaced at 30 sites across Bury.”

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