Forthcoming walks with Bolton CHA Rambling Club

23 Oct 2018 09:30

Bolton C.H.A. Rambling club invite you to join them on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Saturday 27th October

‘B’ WORTHINGTON LAKES – Meet at Vicarage Road CP, Blackrod BL6 5TA for 10.30 start.

Blackrod Bottoms, Worthington Lakes, Arley, Haigh. 9 miles Peter Gaskell

‘C’ BANK TOP – Meet behind Morrisons, Harwood for 10.30 start. Cars park on Hough Fold Way, outside Morrisons CP, BL2 3HQ. Oaks Lane, Bank Top, Hall'ith Wood, Firwood Fold, Longsight Park. 5 miles Terry & Hazel Kirane

Wednesday 31st October

1) SUMMERSEAT SORTIE – Cars park on Summerseat Lane towards Mini Roundabout (Newcombe Road) BL0 9UL for 10.30 start. Tower Farm, Hollymount, Range House, Redisher Farm, Woodhey. 9 miles Eileen Bradshaw

2) NEW WALK – HIGH RID – Cars to George's Lane BL6 6RT for 10.30 start.George's Lane, Gingham Brow, Fleet Street, High Rid, Scout Road, Walker Fold, Burnt Edge. 8 miles Gill Chivers & Elaine Cross

3) SUMMERSEAT – Meet at Nuttall Park CP, Ramsbottom BL0 9LR for 10.30 start.Tagg Wood, Brooksbottom CC, Summerseat, Nuttall Park. 6 miles Keith & Frances Sandeford

Try them out first by just turning up at the meeting points which are all listed on the website

If interested in joining the club - or if you want further information - visit the website

Wednesday number ‘1’ and ‘2’ walks are approx. 8-9 miles and of similar standard. Number ‘3’ walks are approximately 6 miles, are easier and at a slower pace. In some cases, post codes are nearest to start point.

Saturday ’B’ walks are approximately 9 miles and ‘C’ are approximately 6 miles.

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