Forthcoming walks with Bolton CHA Rambling Club

10 Oct 2018 08:38

Bolton C.H.A. Rambling club invite you to join the on Wednesdays and Saturdays;

Saturday 13th October

‘A’ - ARNSIDE – Meet at Aldi car park, Higher Bridge Street  BL1 4HJ at 9.00.  Walk starts from Arnside at 10.15. Old Railway Track, Storth, Beetham and Hazelslack. 10 miles. Alan Turner.

‘B’ - ROGER WORTHINGTON'S GRAVE – Meet at Jumbles car park BL2 4JS for 10.30 start. Affetside, Two Brooks, Boardman's via Valley, Edgworth, Turton Bottoms. 8 miles. Gordon Hughes 

‘C’ - TWO LAKES – Cars to Jumbles car park BL2 4JS for 10.30 start. Turton Bottoms, Chapeltown, Wayoh Circuit, Barlow Institute, Jumbles CP. 7 miles. Peter Morgan

Wednesday 17th October

1) – YARROW CIRCULAR – 125 Preston bus to Wigan Lane, (Frederick's).  Cars to Duxbury Park CP (Golf Club) for 10.30 start. Heath Charnock, Anderton, Adlington, Coppull Hall Farm, Yarrow Valley. 8.5 miles. Graham Marland

2) – YARNSDALE – Meet at The Barlow Institute BL7 0AP for 10.30 start. Wayoh East, Edge Fold, Fox Hill, Yarnsdale, Entwistle, Turton Tower. Y.M. 8.5 miles. Peter Murray

3) – WORTHINGTON LAKES – Meet at St Katherine's church, Blackrod BL6 5EN for 10.30 start. Blundell Lane, Blackrod Bottoms, Crawshaw Hall, Adlington, Arley and Worthington Lakes, Wigan Gold Club, Blackrod. 6 miles. Florence Wilkes

Try the out first by turning up at the meeting points which are all listed on the website

If interested in joining the club - or for further information - visit the website

Wednesday number ‘1’ and ‘2’ walks are approx. 8-9 miles and of similar standard. Number ‘3’ walks are approximately 6 miles, are easier and at a slower pace. In some cases, post codes are nearest to start point.

Saturday ‘A’ walks are approximately 12 miles, ’B’ are approximately 9 miles and ‘C’ are approximately 6 miles.


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