Spreading the message during Recycle Week

4 Oct 2018 10:43

Residents took advantage of Recycle Week to get support and advice on reducing waste and putting the right stuff in the right bin.

Staff from Bury Council joined forces with R4GM (Recycle for Greater Manchester) to help spread the word about what we all do to protect our environment.

The team took the message to local schools and colleges, businesses, and held a recycling awareness event at The Co-op in Mile Lane, Bury. Residents were invited to take the recycling challenge, pick up food caddies and compostable liners, and get answers on all manner of recycling issues.

One of the main findings was that a large number of people mistakenly thought that all plastic could be recycled locally, such as food trays, yoghurt pots and plastic carrier bags. A number also did not know that aerosols could be recycled.

Important tips from the week include:

Recycling matters: Everyone should recycle right and recycle as much as they can, to help the environment and save money – every item really does count!

Plastic bottles: Recycle all types of plastic bottle in your blue bin.

Other plastic: Put all other types of plastic (such as plastic pots, tubs, trays and bags) in your grey bin for waste you can’t recycle.

Cut back on waste: Use re-usable bags for shopping and choose products with minimal or recyclable packaging only.

Food waste: All cooked and uncooked food waste should be recycled in your brown bin (request a free bin if you don’t have one).

Food waste liners: For convenience, replacement free liners can be collected from local libraries.

Do you want to sign up for bin day reminders, order a new recycling bin or find out what waste goes in what bin?

All this information, and much more, is on the council’s recycling page at https://www.bury.gov.uk/recycling

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