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October 2019 29 WHAT’S ON BOLTON OCTAGON THEATRE: September 19-October 19 Beryl – The Beryl Burton Story. Tickets from £12. October 24-November 16 Seagulls. Tickets £14-£29. ALBERT HALLS: October 3 Thank You For The Music. Tickets £20. October 5 Right Place, Wrong Time. Tickets £23. October 6 An EveningWith Simon Weston. Tickets £20. October 12 Our Trace, Knickers And All. Tickets £20. October 19 The Nutcracker Russian National Ballet. Tickets £16-£21. October 28 The Stylistics. Tickets £29 - £34. BOLTON LITTLE THEATRE: October 25 An Audience With Alan Beswick. Tickets £10. BURY THE MET: October 9-10 Strangers On A Train Set. Tickets £13. October 11 Andy YOUR LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE AD ASTRA (12A, 123 mins) BRAD Pitt blasts into space and delivers an out-of-this-world lead performance as an astronaut with deep-rooted daddy issues in director James Gray’s sci-fi thriller. Ad Astra hard-wires the visceral thrills of Gravity and the existential angst of 2001: A Space Odyssey in a near-future setting that slingshots from Earth to Neptune via the dark side of the Moon. It’s a curious juxtaposition and the script, co-written by Gray and Ethan Gross, struggles to find a smooth trajectory between edge-of-seat excitement and soul-searching, which is writ large in a superfluous voiceover that often verbalises what is achingly evident on Pitt’s face. Those classical handsome features ripple with emotion in close-up and Pitt excels at conveying turmoil beneath his gung-ho trailblazer’s placid surface with an expertly timed twitch or downwards glance. It’s a meaty, complex role and the Oklahoma-born actor is mesmerising in every scene before his internal monologue interrupts the chilling silence in space, where no-one is supposed to be able to hear you primal scream. Female characters are perfunctory. Liv Tyler barely registers as Pitt’s estranged earthbound wife and Ruth Negga has limited screen time as a director of Pitt delivers out-of-this-world lead performance in sci-fi thriller operations on a Martian outpost, who flouts authority to propel the film towards its next set piece. Celebrated astronaut Major Roy McBride (Pitt) hopes to further mankind’s knowledge of the universe as part of the team on the International Space Antenna. He prides himself on remaining cool and detached under pressure – famously, Roy’s closely monitored pulse never exceeds 80 bpm. A series of devastating electrical storms, christened The Surge, results in more than 43,000 deaths. General Rivas (John Ortiz) summons Roy to an urgent confidential meeting. Scientists at SpaceCom have traced the source of The Surge to Neptune, close to the last known location of Roy’s father Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones), who disappeared almost 30 years ago. Roy is instructed to travel undercover to Neptune via Mars to learn if Clifford is alive and releasing anti-matter aboard his missing ship to create the electrical storms. One of Clifford’s old comrades, Colonel Pruitt (Donald Sutherland), accompanies Roy on the perilous top-secret mission. THE GOLDFINCH (15, 149 mins) ADAPTED from Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by screenwriter Peter Straughan, The Goldfinch is an emotionally complex drama about a boy, who is propelled into a life of crime and uncertainty. Thirteen-year-old Theodore Decker (Oakes Fegley) is visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with his mother Audrey (Hailey Wist) when the explosion from a bomb tears through the galleries Audrey is killed but little Theo survives. In the smoke- and dust-filled chaos, the boy is given a ring by an old man (Robert Joy), who appears to instruct him to take a painting called The Goldfinch by 17th-century Dutch artist Carel Fabritius. Theo complies and leaves with the canvas concealed on his person. Theo moves in with school friend Andy Barbour (Ryan Foust), whose mother Samantha (Nicole Kidman) takes on the role of surrogate parent. As Theo grows (now played by Ansel Elgort), he keeps secret The Goldfinch from the rest of the world as he nurtures a love of antiques at a local shop owned by James Hobart (Jeffrey Wright), whose business partner Welton Blackwell was the old man from the museum blast. Welton’s niece Pippa (Ashleigh Cummings) is a survivor of the explosion and she becomes an object of infatuation for Theo. His uncertain fate becomes entwined with a Ukrainian immigrant named Boris Pavlikovsky (Aneurin Barnard), who also bears the emotional scars of losing a mother at a young age. Simon Weston is coming to Bolton’s Albert Halls in October Fairweather Low. Tickets from £26. October 12 Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. Tickets £13. October 16-17 Little Shop Of Horrors. Tickets £16. ROCHDALE MIDDLETON ARENA: October 31 Paranormalist Clinton Baptiste. Tickets from £20.20. MANCHESTER PALACE THEATRE: October 2 All You Need Is Love. Tickets various prices. October 5 Bill Bryson. Tickets various prices. October 8-12 Curtains. Tickets from £13. October 17-19 Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella. Tickets from £13. October 20 Abba Mania. Tickets from £13. October 21-26 Avenue Q. Tickets from £13. OPERA HOUSE: September 10 – October 12 & Juliet. Tickets various prices. October 22-26 The Exorcist. Tickets various prices. ROYAL EXCHANGE: September 17 – October 19 Macbeth. Tickets from £9.25. October 24 – November 16 Light Falls. Tickets from £7. MANCHESTER ARENA: October 2 Russell Howard. Tickets from £40. October 4 Alice Cooper/The Stranglers. Tickets from £46. October 9-13 Disney on Ice. Tickets from £18. October 19 Boyzone. Tickets from £46.30. October 24 Cher. Tickets from £140. October 27 Andrea Bocelli. Tickets from £58. THE LOWRY: Sept 25 – Oct 5 As You Like It (RSC). Tickets from £18.50. October 20 Chris De Burgh. Tickets from £40. O2 APOLLO: October 18Will Young. Tickets from £42. October 20 Saxon. Tickets from £43. BRIDGEWATER HALL: October 6 Fisherman’s Friends. Tickets from £30. October 12 Last Night Of The Autumn Proms. Tickets from £42. LIVERPOOL M&S BANK ARENA: October 21-22 Little Mix. Tickets from £62.50. LIVERPOOL PLAYHOUSE: October 10 Rush – The Story of Reggae Music. Tickets from £10. October 14-19 Amelie The Musical. Tickets from £10. EMPIRE THEATRE: October 9-26 Les Miserables. Tickets from £60. A NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY! THE THREE TOWNS IN CONCERT Broadway, West End, Songs from the Shows and more SATURDAY 16 NOVEMBER 2019 at 7.30pm All proceeds go to research into treatments for Duchenne muscular dystrophy For tickets please call Christine on 01204 841506 at The Bridge Church Centre 109 Bradford Street, Bolton BL2 1JX Tickets £10 (Children under 16 free) Ticket price includes glass of wine/fruit juice and mince pie Registered Charity No. 205395 and Scottish Registered Charity No. SCO39445