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Parking permits - the best of both worlds

Posted by Admin - Tue 6th February 2018 9.20AM

Bury Council has decided to offer residents a choice of either a ‘virtual’ or a paper car parking permit.

The council introduced a new online system last month, which was designed to overcome a number of problems with the old paper permits, such as claims that they were lost in the post or that people forgot to display them on their vehicles.

However, a number of permit holders have contacted the council to say they do not have internet access, and would find it difficult to travel to their local library to fill out the forms there.

Councillor Judith Kelly, cabinet member for corporate affairs and regulatory services, said: “We introduced the online permits with the best of intentions, but it has become apparent that some of our residents cannot use the new system.

“We’ve listened to their concerns and have therefore decided to offer all permit holders a choice – to have an online permit, with the convenience that that offers, or to stick with the traditional paper permit. We hope this meets everyone’s needs and will be widely welcomed.”

The online system of permits started in January and was being introduced month-by-month across the borough.

Anyone who was due to switch to online permits and is having difficulties and wishes to remain with a paper permit should call 0161 253 5353.


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