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The voters' roll - are your details correct?

Posted by Admin - Fri 4th August 2017 10.52AM

Bury residents will soon be receiving a form asking them to confirm that their details on the electoral register are correct.

This canvass is conducted every year to ensure that everyone who is entitled to vote is registered to do so.

Throughout August, Bury Council staff will be delivering a household enquiry form to 84,000 homes across the borough.

It only takes a few minutes to confirm the details on the form. If all the information is correct, you can reply through one of the following options:

Complete the form online using the security code provided

Call the automated service using the security code

Text the automated service using the security code

Post your signed form back in the prepaid envelope

If new electors need to be added, or names removed, you should make the changes on the form and post it back in the envelope provided.

Local elections will take place in May 2018, and returning your details means that you will be able to vote in them.

Pat Jones-Greenhalgh, electoral registration officer for Bury, said: “It is important for you to know that you can only vote if you are on the electoral register. Please also remember to include anyone in your home who is 16 or 17 as we can register their details ready for when they are 18.

"I urge all Bury residents to check the form and confirm their details as soon as possible to ensure they are correctly registered.”

Anyone with any queries can ring the elections office on 0161 253 5252.


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