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Messy pets or extra house proud owners in north west?

Posted by Admin - Tue 18th July 2017 9.39AM

Pet owners in the North West dedicate an average of one and a half hours’ extra cleaning up after their furry friends each week.

Nearly a fifth (18%) spend three to four extra hours cleaning per week, and a dedicated 8% spend anywhere from an extra five to more than seven hours of cleaning each week as a result of their pets.

According to research by home appliance maker Vorwerk, people living in the region are third in the league of cleaning-up-after-pets compared to the rest of the UK – with either messy pets or very house proud owners.

The most common pet related chores in the North West:

Vacuuming pet hair from carpets and floors – 60%

Vacuuming the armchairs and sofas – 38%

Cleaning pet bedding – 36%

Mopping floors – 30%

Cleaning pet eating areas – 20%

Despite the cleaning consequences, pet owners in the North West don’t limit their pet to one area in the house. Bedrooms are not out of bounds, as 41% of all households in the region let their pet sleep on their beds.

Across the UK, cats are most likely to sleep on their owner’s beds at 55%, while one in five dogs (20%) find their way onto their owner’s beds.

As well as leaving behind fur, they also shed skin and leave behind allergens in their sweat and urine.

Commenting on the stats, cleaning expert Thomas Henningsson from Vorwerk said: “We know that the UK is a nation of pet lovers, but it can be annoying having to constantly clean up after them – especially when our pets leave their fur on our favourite armchair.

"While it’s all part and parcel of family life, there are some quick ways to help keep pet hair at bay.

“It’s fair to say that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, especially when it comes to cleaning pet hair.

"Our cutting-edge Kobold VK200 vacuum cleaner efficiently and effectively cleans household dirt and pet hair from your home using filtering systems that deep clean and remove allergens.

"For pet owners the multiple cleaning tools that it offers mean you can quickly clean pet hair and fur from all your carpets and soft furnishings.”

Average (hours and minutes) each week spent cleaning up after pets

1 North East 2.27
2 Wales 1.55
3 North West 1.52
4 East Anglia 1.46
5 London 1.46
6 South West 1.44
7 Scotland 1.43
8 South East 1.42
9 East Midlands 1.40

Top tips for a fur-free household

1 Flip flops – rubbing rubber flip flops along your carpet will quickly lift stubborn pet hair. Put them on your hands and wipe along the carpet pile. The hair will gather in balls which and be easily vacuumed away.

2 Rubber gloves – in a similar way, wear the gloves and rub your carpet and the fur will come up and stick to the gloves. Once you’ve got the bulk of it up, simply immerse your hands in a bucket of water and the hair will loosen and float to the top and can be thrown away.

3 Balloon – use the static from a balloon by rubbing it across your sofa and soft furnishings that might have unwanted pet hair. The hair will be attracted to the surface of the balloon and can then be easily collected

4 Baking soda – to refresh carpets and soft furnishings where your pets have been sitting, sprinkle a little baking soda onto the surfaces, leave it to settle for a short period, and then vacuum up. This will collect the hair and also deodorise your room.

5 Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – for pet owners it is worth investing in an advanced vacuum cleaner that will effectively remove pet hair, and has a variety of settings and attachments to tackle all your surfaces. Not only will it deep clean your home, it will provide many years of service to your family.


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