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Enjoy easy gardening with raised beds and planters

Posted by Admin - Thu 22nd June 2017 11.01AM

Raised beds and planters are one of the easiest ways to get in to gardening and are a great way of creating extra space to grow a wide range of plants, fruits and vegetables.

As well as looking attractive and neat, there are many benefits of growing in raised beds. They keep pathway weeds from your garden soil, can prevent soil compaction, boost drainage and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails.

Forest Garden, the UK’s leading manufacturer of timber sheds, summerhouses, garden structures and fencing panels, offer a range of practical raised beds and planters that are perfect for the environmentally conscious gardeners!

The Caledonian Corner Raised Bed has a planting depth of 28cm and a compost capacity of approximately 500 litres making it suitable for a wide variety of plants and vegetables. This corner planter's frame also comes pre-notched so is quick and easy to assemble and due to its neat structure, is ideal for making use of space in smaller gardens. The Caledonian Corner Raised Bed retails at £79.99.

For the modern gardener, Forest Garden’s contemporary Sleeper Raised Bed holds approximately 200 litres of compost and features substantial and attractive landscaping sleepers along with coach bolts (included) for a solid construction and high quality, rustic appearance. RRP £124.99.

The four Linear Planters from Forest Garden, all new for 2017, will make a significant and stylish impact regardless of where they are positioned and what is growing in them.

The planters come with porous linings to retain the soil and help keep it moist. They are kept off the ground with pressure treated wooden battens. Within the range there are four versions: Square - 40cm (w) x 40cm (d) / Double - 80 cm (w) x 40cm (d) / Long - 120cm (w) x 40cm (d) / and Tall - 92cm (h) x 120cm (w) x 40cm (d). Prices range from £59.99 for the square to £179.99 for the tall Linear planter.

Nicola Simpson, head of marketing at Forest Garden, has this top tip: “When planting up larger planters and raised beds, a large amount of growing media can be needed. To help keep cost down, soil and or compost can be mixed with a generous amount of horse manure. Horse manure is not only free and plentiful, as long as you are prepared to go to horse stables to collect it, but it is great for plants and soil quality. Any smell will soon go when mixed with compost or soil.”

Forest Garden’s Raised Beds and Planters collection is produced from FSC approved timber, comes with 15 years anti-rot guarantee and is pressure treated for longer life.

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