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The dangers of a diet lacking amino acids

Posted by Admin - Tue 16th May 2017 8.30AM

Amino acids are the building blocks that make up the proteins which can shape and impact how we think and feel.

Over 20 amino acids help form the various proteins used to provide structure to cells and tissues and maintain good mental and physical health. These molecules are split into non-essential amino acids, which the body can manufacture, and essential amino acids, meaning you need to source them from your diet.

Simon Bandy, General Manager of nutritional supplements brand, Health Plus said: “Amino acids play such a significant role in our bodily functions, so it is imperative that we attain the right molecules to maintain good health.

“With eight essential amino acids being obtained through the food we eat, knowledge of these molecules can help you figure out what your diet might be lacking and which supplements could really benefit you.”

Here, Simon talks about the benefits of certain amino acids and the impact they can have on your life.

“Having the correct balance of amino acids is essential for the body to maintain healthy growth, immune response, hormone production and repair. A deficiency in any one amino acid can disrupt body chemicals and throw off this balance, causing widespread negative effects.

“Lysine is an essential amino acid that we source from foods such as meat and cheese, and is involved in the processes that allow for bone development, hormone and antibody production.

“It has therefore been recognised that a lack of lysine is linked to retarded growth and low energy, as well as a weakened immune system allowing for less resistance against fighting viruses such as herpes, often manifesting itself as ‘cold sores’.

“Since lysine is present in animal derived foods, vegetarians and vegans are at risk of being deficient in the amino acid, so supplementation (Health Plus Amino L-Lysine £6.45/60 tablets pictured) can be greatly beneficial for maintaining healthy growth and development.

“Methionine can be sourced from foods such as fish, meat and dairy products, and plays a critical role in the body’s metabolism, cholesterol and preventing damage to the liver.

“Methionine is responsible for helping break down fats, which prevents a potentially life threatening build-up within the liver and arteries. Amino acid also helps to lower cholesterol levels, as the production of lecithin reduces liver fat, and protects the kidneys. 

“Whilst nuts and beans are high in methionine, vegans and vegetarians are advised to supplement the essential amino acid. Try Health Plus Amino L-Methionine £10.45/60 tablets pictured.

“Phenylalanine plays an important role in the functioning of the central nervous system and is key to supplying neurotransmitters that affect the way you think and feel. Found in meat, dairy and soy products, this amino acid supports the action of endorphins – a hormone known for its links to positive mood, and also helps to maintain substances produced in the adrenal gland, which can help to reduce the feeling of pain. Supplementation of phenylalanine (Health Plus Amino DLPA Complex £9.45/60 tablets pictured) has therefore been associated with reducing feelings of physical discomfort and negative mood.”

Simon concludes: “Our body doesn’t store the excess amino acids we consume, so it’s vital that we attain what we need from our daily diet.

“Amino acids play such an important role in helping maintain our bodily functions, but ensuring we get enough in our diet can sometimes be difficult with the struggles of a busy modern lifestyle.

“Taking supplements as part of a healthy and balanced diet can help insure the body’s needs are met to maintain good health.”


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